5 Surprisingly Easy Sharing Economy Side Hustles

Dog sitting in the grass

Side hustles are things you can do to earn money in addition to your "day job". For a family on a tight budget, a side hustle may sound like a little thing but it can make a big difference. Especially if more than one family member starts turning their free time into extra spending money. Whether you're saving up for a big vacation or just looking to boost your pocket money in addition to the current household budget, we've compiled five surprisingly easy sharing economy jobs that can earn you money without a ton of extra work.

Check these out and let them guide you toward whatever side hustle gigs work best for you:

Become a Weekend Dog-Sitter

For afternoons, evenings, and weekends at home, there is one service that takes almost no effort from you and is still immensely helpful to busy dog owners. Especially if you already own a dog or two, adding another one to three per weekend shouldn't be that much more of a hassle, and your puppies get new friends to play with all the time. If you calculate for food and board costs correctly, you can pull in a tidy profit from grateful people going out of town who want to leave their furry family members somewhere pet-friendly that isn't a kennel.

If you have cats instead, the pet sitting task becomes even easier as strange cats in your home are even less likely to bark or forcibly demand scratches every hour.

Rent Out Your Parking Space

Did you know that your parking space is worth money? There are several sharing economy apps that allow you to list and rent out your parking space by the day, week, or hour. If you live in a densely packed neighborhood or somewhere urban where reliable parking is often hard to find, sharing economy parking rental allows visitors to make sure they have a safe and legal parking spot near their destination. If you have extra room in your driveway or are going out of town, thus freeing up your parking spot, consider permanent or temporary rental of your space out to strangers in need. You don't even have to clean up after them.

'Share' Your Car

Speaking of interesting rental options, the car-sharing aspect of the sharing economy has branched into a variety of options. Among the most prominent for passive income collection is the option to rent out your car when you're not using it. Whether you're out of town, in for the weekend, or simply won't need your car for a few hours, you can rent it to a neighbor through a sharing economy app and collect a tidy sum for a few car-free hours.

Rent the Backyard to Campers

Another interesting option is camping rental. Even if you don't want to open your home to Airbnb guests and worry about the hassle of concierge hotel-like services, you can work with a much less demanding crowd by renting your backyard to campers. This works particularly well if you have a nicely landscaped yard with a grill or fire pit and possibly a bathroom that is easily accessible from the back door. Essentially, this service allows you to offer traveling families and camping enthusiasts a safe place to pitch their tent to either save on hotel costs or make their way between official campsites.

Craft Your Own Fun Peer-to-Peer Services

The sharing economy has many different niche markets, but there are also plenty of peer-to-peer creative and impulsive offers. To be clear, not every sharing economy job has to make sense from a business standpoint, as long as someone will pay for it. There are people getting paid to make homemade pies for neighbors, to write silly songs on request, and do funny things on camera. This means that if you can stir up some interest, you might be able to get paid for a silly and/or easy to perform peer-to-peer service. You could be collecting a paycheck for your recreational crafts or for teaching your dog to do tricks for a webcam.

Making money off the sharing economy doesn't have to be all about busting your butt for pocket change. If you know how to work the system, there are more than a few ways to turn minimal effort into a great steady stream of side income from your parking space, backyard campgrounds, or something unique that you can offer to online clients with little to no effort.