Furnishing Your House Without Breaking the Bank

Furniture and decor in cozy apartment

Furniture is a necessity of life. Whether you're moving into your first apartment or a home larger than your last residence, acquiring new furniture is a normal part of life. Unfortunately, furniture can also be astoundingly expensive. Even shopping for cheap bang-together furniture kits that will only last a few years, the costs can really stack up to furnish a home.

The good news is that you can furnish your home attractively and functionally without having to smash your piggy bank. The key is to realize that new furniture might be pricey, but there's always someone moving to a smaller place with furniture to get rid of, and the price is often exactly right. Here are a few ways to furnish your home without breaking the bank.

Ask Around

Start with friends and family. Ask around to discover if anyone in your social circle has some furniture they don't want anymore, or knows someone who does. Often, you can find at least a few pieces of furniture worth considering in this way. Old bookshelves, futons, bed frames, and tables can all be sourced through people you know and people they know.

The best part about getting furniture from social connections is that it's often completely free and sometimes even delivered by the person getting rid of their old couch or dresser.

Garage Sales

When someone is moving to a smaller home, remodeling, or just getting rid of their old stuff, a garage sale is where you'll find it. Seeking out neighborhood garage sales is a great way to collect furniture that doesn't have to be shipped or transported very far. Garage sale furniture is often very low-cost, and the previous owners are happy to see it go to a new family instead of into the trash when they move.

Sometimes, you can even reclaim some great furniture that has been set out on the curb as trash. If the structure is good, a little reupholstery or minor repairs might be all you need to spruce it up and put it to use.

Sharing Economy Swaps

The internet is another excellent place to find furniture at a low cost, and we don't mean big box stores. The sharing economy is essentially a big online garage sale of people swapping goods and favors. There are several online platforms where people post photos and offers for unwanted furniture. If you're willing to do a little driving, you could furnish your entire home through connections made on the sharing economy.

eBay Auctions

If you're comfortable with eBay, this is an internet source that is a little more established and a little less personal. Tons of people use eBay to get rid of furniture and household items they either don't want or can't take with them on a move. eBay is a great place to find used-anything for your new home. Use your searching skills to discover local offers where you or the seller will be able to transport the furniture without costly shipping expenses.

Thrift Shops

Before eBay, there were thrift shops, second-hand stores, and semi-charity stores where used furniture has always accumulated. Check out your local options for stores that sell second-hand furniture. Often, the price tags are astoundingly low for great opportunities like an entire dining-room set, dressers, patio furniture, and a lot more. If you're not picky about a few old scratches and scuffs, the price point drops even further.

Swap Meets

Finally, never underestimate the potential of a good swap meet or flea market. Humans have been gathering for centuries to trade items they don't need anymore for items they do need. If you decide to brave the local bazaar, pack a picnic and make a fun afternoon of it. Resolve to explore the entire market from end to end, and you're sure to find more than a few pieces of furniture on offer. You can even set up your own table and sell a few things you don't need to defray the costs and join in the fun.


Buying new furniture can make a serious dent in your budget, but second-hand furniture is just as good for a fraction of the price. If you know where to look, you can find everything your new home needs well within your spending limit and put together a charmingly eclectic collection of furniture. For more practical financial insights, contact us today!